Ivory Moon

Ivory Moon
January 31, 2018 No Comments Uncategorized Night Muse

Ivory Moon

A poem by H. J. Harding


Some say the moon is made of silver.

Some say of new green cheese.

Some say it’s made of rocks or gold,

but I know better than these.


For the moon is a giant pearl

with many ivory mountains.

The black spots are made of jet

and filled with ivory fountains.


And on the other side of the moon,

the part you never see;

lies the Garden of Forgotten Dreams,

the loveliest place to be.


And in that beautiful garden,

grows the ivory moon fern;

with flowers so bright and green,

so bright, they seem to burn.


I’ll see you in that beautiful garden.

I’ll see you there tonight.

And in your dreams, you’ll see it,

So beautiful and bright.


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