The Hyde Chronicles

The Hyde Chronicles

“Ready to go to Monster School?”

Violet Peters was ecstatic to get a full scholarship to her dream school, Hyde University, and accepted before she even saw the campus. But her dream quickly threatens to become a nightmare. It wasn’t until she got there that she learned that the school was even stranger than she thought and that she is currently the school’s only human student. Her roommate is a vampire, the librarian is a dragon, and some inhabitants aren’t anything she’s ever heard of.

Trying to learn the truth of reality that she had no idea existed, it takes a little while to realize how unpopular humans are here. A couple near death experiences later, Violet is forced to conclude that someone wants her gone, no matter what it takes. Caught in a web beyond her understanding, Violet finds herself a pawn to forces out of her control. But even a pawn can checkmate a king.


The Pawn’s Play is the first book of The Hyde Chronicles. Available November 1st, 2016. The paperback book can be purchased here. The Kindle ebook is available here.

First chapter can be read here for free.

Coming soon:

Map of Hyde

Weres, Weres, and Shifters (Differences between Weres in The Moonlit Memories series and Weres and Shifters in The Hyde Chronicles.)


Pictures of knit Ms. Grazletz (Hyde’s head librarian, for over 450 years)